Redesign by Mabella – 6 Hour

Perhaps you’re on a budget but would really like fresh look and feel to a specific room in your home. Then maybe the Redesign package is the option for you. For a flat rate and in roughly 6 hours, depending on the size of your room, our team will rearrange the furniture and décor you currently own. With our intuitive approach to design and with a creative eye, we can easily bring new life to a tired space.

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DIY – 4 Hour Consultation

If you are a self-proclaimed DIY-er but could use some inspiration and direction in how to decorate a space, then allow yourself to pick our beautiful designer brains in a full on design consultation. You will get approximately 4 hours of our time at the place of your choosing, whether it’s at your home, a design center or local home store. In our consultation, we will give you our advice and point you in a clear direction. To maximize our time together, we advise you to list your goals, dilemmas, budget, needs and wants, and preferred style. Additionally, we suggest bringing as many design resources with you; from samples to magazine clippings, to Pinterest boards for us to pave the path to your design success and dreams come true.

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Signature Design – All Inclusive

The Signature Design choice is the all-inclusive package where our team takes the lead on every aspect of the design. This package is suitable for one room, multiple rooms or an entire house. We will sit down with you for an extensive consultation to thoroughly understand your needs, wants and wildest dreams. We will then conjure up a one-of-a-kind design plan fitting your budget. We can come into the design process as early as the completion stage of construction to choose finishes all the way to the last picture hung and pillow placed.

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